Full Colour Digital Print

Stunning print quality, unmatched by many other print methods and can get fine details better than screen printing.

Direct-To-Garment (DTG) Digital Printing

Direct to garment is an excellent method of creating long-lasting prints on any garments and other related accessories, so it’s great for using on merchandise like t-shirts and tote bags. Because it’s a fast and affordable printing method that allows for small runs with little or no minimum, DTG is often used for merch that is printed on demand, sold via ecommerce and drop shipping.

We have an in-house DTG department using the latest Brother GTX Printers.

Direct-To-Film (DTF) Digital Prints

You logo is printed using the DTG printer onto a transfer film. The ink is cured in the dryer, and then pressed onto the garment. There is no weeding, and uses the same environmentally friendly inks as the DTG prints.

We have an in-house DTF department using the latest Brother GTX Printers.


Great for Difficult to Print

Our go-to print option for difficult to print items; such as masks and sleeves.  Whether your design calls for single colour or full colour artwork, we've got it covered.


Environmentally Friendly

Bolder, brighter textile inks are water-based pigment inks and are ECO PASSPORT by OKEO-TEX® certified and CPSIA compliant.  The inks are tested and certified, you can be confident that your products are safe for all ages.


Beautiful, Brighter Colours

Take your prints and designs farther and make them more colorful than you ever dreamed possible. The inks provide a bolder, wider range of colors that make it simple to reproduce designs more accurately and with a visible increase in vibrancy.