Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the common and popular techniques that is used in t-shirt printing industries.  In this process, a mesh is used for transferring the ink onto the mesh. Screen printing is very useful for printing bulk orders.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is the most durable method for printing graphics on apparel. The designs can withstand washing, sunlight and physical stressors from the user, resulting in long-lasting products.

Screen printing is also the go-to print method for large orders.  Screen printing uses one screen for each colour in the graphic, so the larger the order, the lower the cost per unit.



Screen printing is one of the most versatile and reliable decoration methods and offers many advantages, such as quality and value!  The ink results in longer-lasting, brighter, and more vibrant colours than other methods of decoration.



The largest benefit of screen printing is that it is more cost-effective when produced in large quantities.  The final price of your order is influenced by the number of colors and screens that are needed to print it.


Specialty Printing

Screen printing can use a variety of specialty inks to highlight the look you'd like to achieve!  Take your printed merch to the next level with puff, foil, high density, metallic, or glow in the dark ink.

What's Better? Screen Printing or DTG?

DTG and screen printing yield fine quality prints, but they differ in method and cost. DTG uses a printer to spray the ink into a garment, while screen printing layers the ink on top of the fabric. Most importantly, DTG enables order fulfillment on-demand with no upfront cost, while screen printed products are ordered in bulk.

If you still can’t decide which printing method is right for you, take a look at this comparison table:

High-Quality Prints Yes Yes
Detailed Designs No Yes
Unlimited Colour Palette No Yes
Order Minimums Yes No
On-Demand Fulfillment No Yes
Bulk Discounts Yes Yes
Requires Unfront Investment Yes No
More Sustainable No Yes

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