Heat Transfer

Digital Heat Transfer or Heat Transfer Vinyl serves smaller custom orders with difficult to print area or smaller orders with polyester fabric.

Heat Transfer

Heat transfers serve smaller custom orders with difficult to print area, custom printed apparel tags, or smaller orders with difficult to print fabrics.

    • Digital Heat Transfer: Your logo is printed on an unique medium in this decoration technique, which is then weeded, masked, and heat-pressed onto the garment.
    • Heat Transfer Vinyl:  Cut from a solid colour, weeded, and heat pressed onto the garment.
    • Direct-To-Film Transfer: You logo is printed using the DTG printer onto a transfer film.  The ink is cured in the dryer, and then pressed onto the garment.  There is no weeding, and uses the same environmentally friendly inks as the DTG prints.

Great for Difficult to Print

Our go-to print option for difficult to print items; such as masks and sleeves.  Whether your design calls for single colour or full colour artwork, we've got it covered.


Sensitive Fabrics

Heat Transfer Vinyl or HTV, is a material that is cut, weeded, and applied to various fabrics with heat of a heat press.  Great for sensitive fabrics, such as raincoats, as it can be applied at lower temperature.


Direct-To-Film Transfers

Beautiful full colour prints from our DTG machine, printed to transfer film.  This allows us to print difficult items like hats and sleeves with stunning colours.

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